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Rawdon Crozier delivered the keynote address ‘Arnold v Britton, Lessons to be Learned’ at the Lease Conference

4th February 2016

Rawdon Crozier delivered the keynote address ‘Arnold v Britton, Lessons to be Learned’ at the Lease Conference (http://leaseconference2016.co.uk) on the 2nd February. The conference, organised by the Leasehold Advisory Service (www.lease-advice.org) and News on the Block (newsontheblock.com), brought together around 300 leading solicitors, surveyors, valuers and property managers from around the country as well as representatives from the property insurance industry and the Department for Communities and Local Government and organizations like ARMA and the National Leasehold Group.

In addition to Rawdon, the conference was addressed by Roger Southam, the Chairman of the Leasehold Advisory Service and Siobhan McGrath, President of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) before breaking into workshops covering Property Management, Valuation and Legal issues. Speakers at the workshops included Nicholas Kissen and Alero Orimoloye of the Leasehold Advisory Service, Philip Rainey QC, Cassandra Zanelli of Taylor & Emmet LLP and Anna Favre and Katherine Simpson of Pemberton Greenish LLP.

The full agenda can be accessed here (http://leaseconference2016.co.uk/agenda) and the list of speakers here (http://leaseconference2016.co.uk/speakers).

For the writer, particular highlights were the address given by Siobhan McGrath, who outlined a pilot scheme to be trialled in London and the South East to allow a single County Court or FtT Judge to track cases through the FtT and County Court jurisdictions (see https://www.judiciary.gov.uk/related-offices-and-bodies/advisory-bodies/cjc/working-parties/working-group-on-property-disputes) and a workshop given by Sebastian Church of Remus Property Management, ‘Short Term Letting (the AirBnB Issue)’ on the legal issues raised for property managers by the sharing economy and, in particular, letting through AirBnB. The conference reconvened for an address from Anthony Essien, the Chief Executive of the Leasehold Advisory Service, who outlined an ambitious plan to make the Leasehold Advisory Service self-funding by 2020, while continuing to provide free advice to individual leaseholders and park home owners, and closed with a lively and informed panel discussion session, which was notable for the wide range of views the panellists expressed on almost everything except two issues, the need for reform of the leasehold model of property ownership and the right to buy the Government is to introduce in relation to housing association property, with the latter in particular being universally condemned as being ill-conceived with the potential to be extremely damaging.

The conference was chaired by Damian Greenish of Pemberton Greenish LLP who is also one of the authors of Hague on Leasehold Enfranchisement.


Rawdon’s keynote address was re-delivered and recorded as a webcast later in the day and will be available shortly.

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