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Family - Local Authority Team

The Local Authority Team is one of the largest teams within Chambers. By virtue of its composition and the experience of its members, we offer local authorities a comprehensive and expert service to meet all their needs.

All members of the team advise regularly on, and present, applications for care and supervision orders on behalf of local authorities. We recognise the value to our local authority clients of being available to cover hearings at the very outset of proceedings, including interim care hearings. We are able then to carry proceedings forward, ensuring consistency of representation whenever possible. We have a wealth of experience in conducting hearings of complexity in higher courts, and appeals in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

We also advise and represent local authorities in other areas of the law, including adoption (freeing and removal from placements), education and judicial review. We are familiar with the procedures involved in public interest immunity in the Crown Court and conduct hearings (often in emergency situations) in relation to publicity and restraint of publicity. 

Chambers is conscious of the specific budgetary disciplines that local authorities must live with, and is committed to working with authorities to deliver 'Best Value' in legal services. We are committed to developing and agreeing service protocols with authorities that define mutual expectations and service standards. We will negotiate and agree scale rates with authorities.


List of team members

Susan Down Call 1984 Profile
Hilary Beechey Call 1987 Profile
Malcolm Clarke Call 1994 Profile
Alison Crookes Call 1996 Profile
Emma Favata Call 1999 Profile
Yvonne Sutherland Call 2001 Profile
William Higginson Call 2001 Profile
Liam Gribbin Call 2001 Profile
Claire Appleby Call 2002 Profile
Simon Green Call 2003 Profile
Jenny Kumeta Call 2005 Profile
Emma Pearce Call 2006 Profile
Charlotte Ash Call 2012 Profile
Jennifer Tear Call 2013 Profile
Katie Churcher Call 2013 Profile
Victoria Lees Call 2015 Profile
Julie Buckley Call 2018 Profile

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