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Family - Private Child Law

There are many and varied applications to be made in this area of child law. An increasing number of children are making applications themselves or are being separately represented in private law proceedings.

Members of the team have been involved in cases across the whole spectrum of possible applications and have acquired a high level of competence. Many of these cases prove to be particularly difficult and intractable, for instance when the parent with care is absolutely opposed to contact to the absent parent or in cases where there are allegations of abuse of the child and the police and social services have 'closed the case'.


List of team members

Susan Down Call 1984 Profile
Hilary Beechey Call 1987 Profile
Michael Baker Call 1990 Profile
Malcolm Clarke Call 1994 Profile
Alison Crookes Call 1996 Profile
Emma Favata Call 1999 Profile
Yvonne Sutherland Call 2001 Profile
Liam Gribbin Call 2001 Profile
Claire Appleby Call 2002 Profile
Simon Green Call 2003 Profile
Jenny Kumeta Call 2005 Profile
Jeremy Rawlings Call 2006 Profile
Emma Pearce Call 2006 Profile
Charlotte Ash Call 2012 Profile
William Willden Call 2013 Profile
Jennifer Tear Call 2013 Profile
Katie Churcher Call 2013 Profile
Victoria Lees Call 2015 Profile
Jade Corden Call 2017 Profile
Julie Buckley Call 2018 Profile
Samuel Castlehouse Call 2019 Profile

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