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Joe Stone QC gets defendant aquitted

14th February 2017

A 22 year old defendant who had allegedly sexually assaulted a 25 year old female glamour model, on an aircraft bound from San Francisco to London Heathrow, was acquitted by a jury at Iselworth Crown Court after a 5 day trial. A proactive defence involving a computerised reconstruction of the seating arrangements to show th…

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Deni Mathews successful at the Court of Appeal

3rd February 2017

Head of Chambers Deni Mathews appeared before the Lord Chief Justice in an interesting appeal concerning the circumstances in which departure from sentencing guidelines becomes necessary. The Appeal succeeded, resulting in immediate release of a man originally charged with a violent robbery of a retail outlet.

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Lease Conference 2017

30th January 2017

The 2017 Lease Conference takes place in London on Wednesday 1st February, Rawdon Crozier, who was the keynote speaker at the 2016 Lease Conference, will be covering the event for Counsel Magazine; this year's keynote speaker will be Lord Neuberger of Abbottsbury PSP. 

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