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15th July 2021

As the pictures show, in Devon & Cornwall we have hundreds of picturesque places to visit on a holiday. But why not think about moving and enjoying these amazing sites all year round.
KBG Chambers are recruiting in all areas of law including Crime, Civil & Family. In the past we have had barristers join us from Birmingham, London, Worcester & Leicester, all of whom are still at KBG today and are enjoying their new lifestyle in Devon & Cornwall. Our clerking team would be more than willing to assist with any move and can factor this in to your diary plus we have members and clerks willing to provide local knowledge on places to live and settling in to a different lifestyle.
Our clerking team understand that each individual has personal circumstances and life commitments, and we are able to create a bespoke practice for each barrister. We recognise that the role of a barrister is just one part of any individual’s life. We understand the need for preparation time and for each member to have a holiday/break away from the profession, all of which is factored into our Mental Health Awareness Policy.

KBG recognises the demands COVID-19 has placed on barristers' financial planning and has responded accordingly. KBG prides itself on its cost efficiency, meaning contributions from members are amongst, if not, one of the lowest in the South West and we strive to maintain this for years to come.

The clerks at KBG understand the demands of preparing from electronic papers and attending remote hearings in the management of each individual’s practice. This approach applies to all Family, Criminal and Civil practitioners. KBG have experienced real demands across all jurisdictions and are currently recruiting to meet these increased workloads.

Please contact Deni Mathews or Colin Palmer to make a positive step for the future.
Deni Mathews, Head of Chambers: dmathews@kbgchambers.co.uk
Colin Palmer, Senior Clerk: colin@kbgchambers.co.uk

Enjoy the current sunshine wherever you are.

Colin Palmer
Senior Clerk
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