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The members of our team understand the importance of your driving licence to you, which is why it is our aim to provide you with the best quality advice and representation. We know some motoring offences lead to automatic disqualification but many do not and there are a range of arguments we can make which could make the difference between you losing or keeping your licence. 

With our specialist motoring law advice, knowledge and expertise we are able to advise you on your case. We understand the importance of hearing about your circumstances and you will speak directly to your barrister prior to any hearing.

We can provide advice and representation on a range of motoring offences including :-

· Speeding

· Totting bans (exceptional hardship)

· Traffic light offences

· Drink & drug driving

· The avoidance of disqualification on penalty points

· No Insurance

· Fail to stop & fail to report

All offences are listed under our How we can help page.

Our experienced team continue to have great results across all courts, Magistrates & Crown, and we want to represent you in saving your licence and keeping costs to a minimum.

Why instruct a barrister direct?

 Barristers are experts in law and advocacy. They represent you at your Court hearing. They are best placed to advise you on your legal position, advise on formal proceedings and use their knowledge and advocacy skills to represent you to the highest standard in any Magistrates or Crown Court. Our team deal with a wide range of motoring offences day in day out. 


FREE!! We will provide you with a free case plan, after your enquiry, detailing our process, the advice & representation we will provide and the full cost.

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Contact us to put plans in place for us to advise and represent you. Let us help you figure out what your next steps are. The sooner you have a plan of action, the better your chances of taking the correct steps to get the results you want.


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