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Joe Stone QC secures three consecutive acquittals in 6 weeks

27th February 2017

"A 22 year old defendant alleged to have sexually assaulted a high profile 25 year old female glamour model on an aircraft bound from San Francisco to London Heathrow was acquitted by a jury at Isleworth Crown Court after a full trial. A proactive defence involving a computerised reconstruction of the seating arrangements to show the  physical impossibility of the complainants account on the United Airlines Flight was central to the acquittal.  Witnesses were called  on live TV feed from Mexico, Canada and California.   The defendant was instructed privately by niche firm (MPR Solicitors) working with head partner (Seema Parikh) - R v KK (2017) ".

"One of the most dangerous prisoners on the high security estate (HSE) has been acquitted at Blackfriars Crown Court of trying to strangle to death a female nurse at HMP Pentonville.  The defendant presented as a highly labile individual who had a 10 man escort team from Broadmoor Hospital to ensure control and restraint procedures could be deployed (if necessary). The case involved complex psychiatric/toxicological evidence concerning profound  personality disorders in the context of genuinely held delusional beliefs triggered by the consumption of synthetic cannabis (Spice) .  The defendant was said to be so dangerous that the prosecution applied for him to give evidence from behind the screens of a secure dock (application denied).  The defendant had been serving a IPP sentence for Rape. This conviction was challenged in the body of the trial. This acquittal follows a long sequence of high profile prisoner acquittals in which Joe Stone QC has been instructed. He led Abigail Bright and was instructed by Dean Kingham (Swain and Co) - R v Vinchenzo Sarli "


" A leading London accountant has been acquitted of an allegation of Assault by Penetration at Liverpool Crown Court.  The case involved complex issues under section 75 Sexual Offences Act 2003 (evidential presumptions about consent) ,  a reconstruction of the crime scene, focussed third party disclosure applications, specialist video chronologies and live TV Feeds from New Zealand.  Joe  Stone QC led Kinneri Patel (from MPR Solicitors) on a private instructed brief - R v HD. "

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