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KBG Chambers welcomes Garth Richardson

16th November 2017

All the members and clerks of KBG Chambers would like to welcome Garth Richardson as a member of KBG. Formerly a member of Devon Chambers, Garth will be focusing on Criminal & Family Law.

With many years as a criminal practitioner in all criminal courts Garth is well equipped to meet the challenge of every new case.  He has prosecuted and defended not only in the more usual areas of criminal law but also in such rarer fields as those regulatory matters which arrive in our criminal courts.  Accordingly he has represented not only the CPS and Defendants through their solicitors but also HM Customs & Excise (newly merged with Inland Revenue), many local authorities and other Government departments which retain their own powers to act.

Garth has vast experience in the following types of cases: Serious violence and sexual abuse; Supply of Class A & B drugs; Serious thefts and deceptions; Cases involving severe mental illness.

He has been instructed in various types of family cases over many years, representing mainly parents of children in care cases. His expertise in criminal cases has proved invaluable in family matters involving drug addiction and mental health problems, and in fact-finding hearings concerned with domestic abuse and non-accidental injury.

Garth can be contacted on gr@kbgchambers.co.uk or 0845 308 1551

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KBG Chambers welcomes Garth Richardson